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AVACI Sanctioned Its Social Statute in Extraordinary General Assembly

The founding societies of the Federation of Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies (FESAAL), as founding members of the International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors (AVACI), convened in an Extraordinary General Assembly and sanctioned the Social Statute, which has already begun its registration process to operate under Argentine law where its main headquarters will be located.

This statute—unlike previous drafts—provides and guarantees that this initiative will have absolute control by audiovisual authors, screenwriters, and directors.

AVACI's primary goal is to generate international policies to support the creation of new collective management societies for audiovisual authors, as well as to strengthen the projects that have advanced and yielded results over the years.

Currently, these initiatives are reflected in the development of audiovisual societies in Latin America, as well as in Asia, with societies in South Korea (DGK) and screenwriters in India (SRAI) and the Pan African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors (APASER).

In this framework, AVACI will continue—following this legal registration—inviting and adding new members who wish to belong to this international organization, as it is the only global confederation that organically brings together audiovisual authors.

Therefore, economic and technical support plans will persist and intensify, with the free provision of the Integrated Operating System for Audiovisual Works (AVSYS) and its tools being a fundamental piece for the development of all these societies. AVSYS, with its advanced technology and specific artificial intelligence applied to the repertoire of authors and audiovisual works globally, is crucial.

Audiovisual Authors' Meeting

In this context of statutory reform, FESAAL and AVACI will coincide in their annual assemblies in Mexico City on November 5, 6, and 7, 2024.

On this occasion, the host societies welcoming audiovisual authors from various countries will be the Mexican Society of Directors and Realizers of Audiovisual Works (SOMEDIRE), one of the oldest in Latin America, founded in 1963, with director Gilberto de Anda Serrano as Interim President of the Board, and the General Society of Writers of Mexico (SOGEM), with writer and playwright Gerardo Luna Islas as President of the Board.

In the largest and most important audiovisual authors' meeting of the year, a comprehensive agenda will be discussed with the aim of safeguarding and cooperating in the defense of the authors' rights of screenwriters and audiovisual directors worldwide, through their regional and continental alliances.


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