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AVACI elected new authorities: Klemen Dvornik was appointed as President

During the last International Congress of AVACI, held from May 2 to May 5, 2023, in the city of Río de Janeiro, Brazil, the International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors elected its new authorities to take office for the period 2023-2025.

The four continents, which are members of AVACI, are represented by the new authorities who, throughout these two years of work, will put into operation the member fees and register the statutes by the first election to be held in 2025.

The brand-new President of AVACI, the Slovenian audiovisual director and screenwriter, Klemen Dvornik (AIPA), appreciated the “vote of confidence” to chair the entity and asserted that among the “priorities for the next two years we need, first of all, to strengthen the structure of the organization we are creating; secondly, to politically support the organizations and their members in order to empower them in their struggle to improve the legal basis of the legislation of each of their countries, as well as to reinforce the collection of each institution concerning the rights of authors; thirdly, to empower emerging societies around the world and, on the other hand, to recognize the important issues for our community, such as the gender equity agenda”.

The proposal of new authorities for the next two years having been approved, the organization was made up as follows:

Management and Executive Council of AVACI

-President: Klemen Dvornik, audiovisual director and screenwriter (AIPA-Slovenia)

-1° Vice-President: Yoon Jung Lee, audiovisual director (DGK-South Korea).

-2° Vice-President: Miguel Ángel Diani, audiovisual screenwriter (President of Argentores-Argentina).

-Secretario General: Horacio Maldonado, audiovisual director and screenwriter (Secretary General of DAC-Argentina).

-Institutional Coordinator: Laza Razanajatovo, audiovisual director and screenwriter (President of APASER).

-Management Council: Anja Unger, audiovisual director and screenwriter (LA SCAM-France).

-President of the Legal and Technical Committee: Gregor Stibernik, Managing Director (AIPA-Slovenia).

-Legal and Technical Committee: Dominik Skoczek, Managing Director (ZAPA-Poland).

-Legal and Technical Committee: Herve Rony, General Director (LA SCAM-France)

-Legal and Technical Committee: Adriana Saldarriaga, Doctor in Law (DASC-Colombia)

Members of the Board

-Alexandra Cardona Restrepo, audiovisual screenwriter (President of REDES-Colombia).

-Danilo Serbedzija, audiovisual director, (President of DHFR- Croatia).

-Sylvio Back, audiovisual director (Secretary General of DBCA-Brazil).

-Sylvia Palma, audiovisual screenwriter (Management Council of GEDAR-Brazil).

-Anjum Rajabali, audiovisual screenwriter (President of SRAI-India).

-Huseyn Mehdiyev, audiovisual director and screenwriter (President of AzDG-Azerbaijan)

-Teresa Saldarriaga, audiovisual director (DASC-Colombia).

Legal and Technical Committee of AVACI:

-Doctor Germán Gutierrez (ARGENTORES-Argentina)

-Doctor Luis Mangiavillano (DAC-Argentina)

-Doctor Felipe Schuster (ATN-Chile)

-Cezary Piekarczyk (ZAPA-Poland)

Observing Members

-Antonio Onetti, audiovisual screenwriter (SGAE-Spain).

-Bill Anderson, audiovisual director (Directors-UK).

-Martijn Winkler, audiovisual director (DDG-The Netherlands).


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