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AVACI condemns the reprehensible invasion of Ukraine and the war unleashed by Russia

The International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors - - strongly condemns the invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the Russian authorities and armed forces.

We ask the authorities around the world to intervene in the most urgent way and stop the ruthless war unleashed in this country that is today under constant bombardment that is claiming the lives of the civilian population and the sad exodus of its inhabitants, producing images that humanity already believed part of a past that we would never see again.

We stand in solidarity with all the people of Ukraine in this sad moment that they have to live and we make ourselves available for everything they may need.

We also extend our solidarity to our fellow directors, screenwriters, and friends within the Russian people, who we know are deeply against the awful actions ordered by the current authorities, but who unfortunately are unable to express themselves freely.

We send our very special support to all Ukrainian audiovisual creators and their families hoping that, with the most immediate urgency, the war and invasion perpetrated against the people of Ukraine, that generates a serious threat against all humanity, must immediately cease.

We will continue this campaign in the most energetic way possible from our positions as audiovisual authors, supporting the seriousness that this irrationality causes, asking and shouting in all the forums where possible for peace, which should never have been violated.

AVACI – Audiovisual Authors International Confederation

International Press Release – Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022.-


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