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Media coverage of the International AVACI Congress 2023 in Brazil

Just a few days before the start of a new edition of the International AVACI Congress, which will take place from May 2nd to May 5th in the city of Rio de Janeiro, various Brazilian media outlets have taken notice of what will be the most important meeting of audiovisual authors in the world.

Among the most important Brazilian media that spread the news of the Annual AVACI Congress are the country's largest circulation newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, as well as the websites Tela Viva, Filme B and Exibidor.

The event organized by AVACI together with DBCA (Brazilian Directors of Cinema and Audiovisual) in association with GEDAR (Authors’ Rights Management of Screenwriters) is also a platform of support for filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world to help Brazilian creators receive the corresponding compensation for their respective works.

It is worth noting that the Brazilian Ministry of Culture publicly expressed its support for audiovisual authors, screenwriters, and directors in their struggle to obtain a law on remuneration rights that would allow them to be paid for the public exhibition of their audiovisual works.


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