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APASER visits DAC for an AVSYS training

During December, a delegation of APASER (Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors) will travel to Buenos Aires for a training on the AVSYS operating system, and for the joint learning concerning the handling of a collective management society of authors’ rights. The training will be conducted by Daniel Di Napoli, IT Director of DAC – General Association of Audiovisual and Film Authors and Directors.

Daniel Di Napoli - Director en sistemas de DAC

AVSYS is an open code operating system created by Audiovisual Authors to promote the integration of works worldwide, their registration, the identification of Authors and the societies they belong to and the centralization of information concerning the collection of authors’ rights, among many other functions. The system has been distributed for free by AVACI – Audiovisual Authors International Confederation – to all Directors and Screenwriters of the world, and it operates in different languages. Just a few months ago, in the First International Congress of AVACI held in June, Laza Razanajatovo, President of APASER, declared that “AVSYS is the answer to our problems, especially in our search to respond to the needs of our Directors.”

At the same time, the members of the alliance created in 2017 will visit the offices of DAC to gather the information required for the CMO creation in the African continent. The training on the operation of a management society of authors’ rights will focus on the areas of Declaration of Works, Documentation, Settlements, Internationals, Systems, Administration as well as Collection and Distribution.

This visit constitutes the first transcontinental meeting in person of two management societies since the beginning of the pandemic due to COVID-19, and evidences the endless edges in which the joint work is being developed for the rights of Audiovisual Authors since the creation of the AVACI International Confederation.


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