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The ExCo AVACI 2022 met in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The International Audiovisual Confederation opened its first office in Europe in the building of the local and host society AIPA.

On September 6, 7, and 8, in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, the meeting of the Executive Committee of AVACI (International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors – was held.

The President of AIPA (Slovenian Organization of Audiovisual Authors - ) Klemen Dvornik and its Director General Gregor Stibernik welcomed all the members of the Committee and the new societies and observer member countries such as ZAPA – Poland - , LA SCAM – France - , DIRECTORS UK – United Kingdom - , SGAE – Spain - , DDG – The Netherlands - , VAPIK – Kosovo , among others.

The participants celebrated the inauguration of the AVACI office, which will be the regional headquarters in Europe, and which is located in the AIPA central building.

"It is very exciting to meet here today with societies from member countries of the former Yugoslavia, and it is very important to have the presence of the international representatives of the entire AVACI in this part of Europe" Gregor Stibernik pointed out in his opening speech, in front of a large entourage of journalists who came together to cover this event.

With a record presence of more than 30 people, Organizations, and Alliances from different parts of the world such as Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe, they met during these days to discuss different problems and common work strategies related to audiovisual authors.

Korean audiovisual director Yoon Jung Lee, Vice President of DGK – Directors Guild of Korea - , the society that brings together directors in South Korea, reported on the presentation of a draft bill for the right of remuneration for the scriptwriters and audiovisual directors in the National Congress of that country, which they were able to carry out very quickly thanks to the awareness and great presence in the media that the holding of the AVACI Congress in the city of Seoul in the past month of May.

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Laza Razanajatovo, screenwriter and director, and president of APASER (Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors gave a report on the status and progress of his Alliance, which has now become a brand new SGC - Collective Management Society and has also received government authorization to operate as both nationally and internationally.

The other participating organizations, such as AIPA itself, HDRF – Croatia –, and SGAE of Spain, also provided their reports, experiences, and work proposals, the latter society being the one who on this occasion requested its incorporation as a full member of the AVACI Confederation.

With active participation, the member societies of FESAAL (Federation of Societies of Latin American Audiovisual Authors -, represented by GEDAR - and DBCA - of Brazil, REDES from Colombia -, and DAC - and ARGENTORES - from Argentina.

A special work panel was dedicated to very interesting technical and legal aspects regarding the recognition, collection, and distribution of rights, with extensive reports presented by AIPA - Slovenia, ARGENTORES and DAC of Argentina, DASC-REDES (Colombia), SGAE, VAPIK (Kosovo) and ZAPA (Poland).


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