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The creation of the Eurasia Alliance is announced

The Eurasia Alliance, which is composed of directors and screenwriters from that region, will perform the execution of a memorandum of understanding in order to state its foundation. The coalition will be part of the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation (AVACI), together with the General Assembly of the Latin American Audiovisual Authors Societies Federation (FESAAL).

The execution of the MOU will be carried out online through video conference on Friday April 9 at 11 a.m., Argentina time. Eurasia participants who will sign the document come from Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Some of the signatory screenwriters and directors belong to the Limited Liability Company "Guild of Scriptwriters" from Russia, Moscow; the Belarusian Union of Scriptwriters and Directors (BSSR) from Belarus; the Association of Film and Television Directors of Russia; the Film Directors Guild of Azerbaijan (AzDG) from Azerbaijan.


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