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The AVACI ExCo met to close the year 2022

The members of the executive committee from the Audiovisual Authors International Confederation -AVACI- met virtually on November 23 through the Zoom platform to close a productive year of joint work among Audiovisual Authors from all over the world.

Members at the meeting decided that the next encounter to be held in person by the executive and legal and technical committee of AVACI will take place in February 2023 in the city of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso. Audiovisual Authors will arrive to the Burkinabe capital during the performance of the FESPACO Film Festival, the most important film festival of the African continent. The decision to carry out this meeting at that time and place has the purpose to support the brand-new collective management society APASER, Pan-African Alliance of Directors and Screenwriters chaired by Laza Razanajatovo, which will host the meeting, and in which offices a new headquarter of the AVACI Confederation is located.

Members at the meeting also defined the performance of the AVACI Third Annual Congress in Mumbai, India, in May 2023. The host society of the meeting will be SRAI, headed by Anjum Rajabali and Vinod Ranganathan.

Other topics were also discussed concerning budgets, strategies and actions to be conducted in the defense of the international community of Audiovisual Authors, who struggle for their rights of authors, with the support of the Confederation.


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