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AVACI Executive Committee meets in Slovenia

As announced at the Second AVACI International Congress - - held in South Korea last May, Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, will host the next meeting of the Executive Committee and the Legal and Technical Committee of the International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors. The main meeting and the parallel ones are scheduled for September 6, 7 and 8th, and the local host society will be AIPA - - the organization of Audiovisual Authors of Slovenia, chaired by Klemen Dvornik and with General Management by Greg Stibernik. For this opportunity, AIPA will inaugurate an office in its building that will be the regional headquarters of AVACI in Europe.

Klemen Dvornik - AIPA President / Gretor Stibernik - AIPA Executive Director

During three days of work, Audiovisual Authors representing collective management societies, federations and confederations from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific will plan political, legal and communication strategies to continue guaranteeing their rights to the Audiovisual Authors of the world.

AVACI considers that the development of an International Confederation organizes and logistically and financially supports this fight is the previous step to the definitive recognition of their rights as creators.

This international organization fights for the fair remuneration of its authors through joint collective management of the rights of Audiovisual Directors and Screenwriters, which they consider to be the most efficient way to achieve their objectives.


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