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Audiovisual Authors from around the world gather in Brazil to defend their rights

The AVACI International Congress 2023, one of the largest gatherings of audiovisual authors in the world, will take place from May 2nd to 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the aim of supporting audiovisual authors, screenwriters, and directors in their struggle to achieve a remuneration law that allows them to receive payment for the public exhibition of their audiovisual works.

After the 2022 AVACI International Congress held in Seoul, South Korea, which brought together, for the first time in history, directors, screenwriters, technicians, producers, legislators, and authors' rights lawyers specialized in the field, as well as representatives from societies and federations from all five continents, the event will be held again to advance fundamental aspects of authors' rights.

As in the previous edition held in South Korea, public statements were made about the lack of fair remuneration in that country's audiovisual sector and representatives from different management societies around the world met with Korean government officials to support a law that protects their rights. This time, explicit support will be given to Brazilian creators so that they receive the corresponding remuneration for their respective works.

The event will be organized by AVACI together with DBCA (Brazilian Directors of Film and Audiovisual) in association with GEDAR (Authors’ Rights Management of Screenwriters) at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort.

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru will participate as member countries of the Latin American Federation of Audiovisual Authors Societies (FESAAL).

Representatives from Poland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Kosovo will be present on behalf of Europe, while Azerbaijan will represent Eurasia. India and South Korea will participate for the Asia-Pacific region, and the African continent will be represented by the Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors (APASER).

Notable Personalities and Activities

On the first day of the Congress, authorities from the Ministry of Culture of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the State of Rio de Janeiro are expected to attend and give an account of the event's importance.

During the opening ceremony, the main objectives of the Congress will be presented, and the first talk will be given by the local host societies entitled "History, Overview, and Remuneration Right's Bill for Audiovisual Authors in Brazil."

Secondly, "Reports by Countries and Continents" will be provided on the recognition of audiovisual authors' rights in South Korea, India, and Africa.

There will be a talk on the "Overview of the Audiovisual Industry in Brazil," a dialogue on the "State of Audiovisual Authors' Rights in the European Region," a discussion on "Strengthening Audiovisual Authors' Rights in Latin America," and a dialogue on "Strategies for the Future of International Work."

On the second day of the Congress, "Challenges and Advances of Genres in Audiovisual" will be addressed, and a "Report on the Meeting of the SAA and FESAAL Executive Councils" will be presented to promote collaboration between both organizations.

There will be a roundtable discussion in which "Directors and Screenwriters will analyze proposals to improve the development of their professions as Audiovisual Authors: the impact of New Technologies -such as AI- on the profession of Screenwriters and Directors."

Finally, the AVACI 2023-2024 annual budget will be analyzed, the most urgent needs will be presented, and the venue and date of the next AVACI Annual Congress 2024 will be proposed.


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