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As you already know AVACI - International Audiovisual Authors Confederation, is a non-profit, non-governmental civil organization with a global reach, created and led by its audiovisual authors - Screenwriters and Directors - with the main objective of collaborating and providing mutual help to all member societies.

Likewise and very especially, it is our objective to collaborate with effective technical and economic support in the creation and development of new audiovisual authors societies and collective management societies, in order to achieve the widest dissemination, defense and protection of copyright in all the world.

Those of us who make up AVACI are audiovisual authors and most of us have ever been in your place, full of questions and the desire to do something in favor of the recognition of these rights in our countries without knowing where to start.

We copy you our draft bylaws below.

We hope that if you like our ideas and goals, you will contact us and become a new member of our community.


APRIL 2023

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