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AVSYS is free of charge for AVACI's members and it is a system being developed by a non-profit society to make
audiovisual societies move forward.


AVSYS – the Integrated Operating System for audiovisual works, is a system specially designed to control and execute all the operations of an audiovisual law management organization.

​This advanced system has different levels of use which adapt to the necessary levels of each society ranging from the basics for new emerging organizations such as creating a website, generating there the local registration of authors and audiovisual works online, to very advanced levels capable of centralizing all the information of collection modules as well as applying the distribution rules specific to each organization and generating a specific module and distribution owner of rights.

​Integrated into the operating system are special tools for the management of the identification of audiovisual authors and to which the organizations belong, as well as tools aimed at the visualization of these authors with the link to their audiovisual works, in order to achieve a fast, clear and transparent identification of all the data necessary to achieve an effective distribution of rights of AV authors.

​Unfortunately, the tools for the collective use that exist today are severely outdated and generated in old programming languages that lead to strong inconsistencies, malfunction and lead to widespread mistrust in distributing international rights.

​AVSYS can be used both by new emerging societies as well as integrated into existing systems in societies – preexisting CMOs - with extensive repertoires.


The development of the AVSYS platform, a non-profit initiative of FESAAL, is to enable and improve the integration, identification and documentation of audiovisual works worldwide. Encourage and execute  actions on time to make versatile tools and systems available to collective management organizations (CMO) to facilitate their management and payment of author’s rights.


The AVSYS operating system is designed with the most advanced and modern technology and designed to facilitate its operation and data exchange by organizations even if they do not have technical and financial resources.



AVACI-DB is an international database that contains information about authors, Directors, Screenwriters and Producers of audiovisual works, including details of their works, percentages of authorship and the collective management organizations that represent their rights worldwide. Its purpose is to simplify and make transparent texchange of repertoires clear between societies as well as for the global exchange with third parties. The information contained in AVACI-DB is provided and updated by the member societies and can be used for the documentation and distribution of rights.

AVACI-DB uses its own identification code called UAC (Unificated Audiovisual Code). This code is used for both Authors and Works, it has the advantage of being able to be linked to other existing international codes, allowing organizations have more flexibility to operate and exchange repertoires with the codes you want according to your availability and preference.


AVACI MATCHING TOOL is a specific module to process the broadcastings of works « playlist »

It allows to accurately identify and match the titles of works in the playlist with the works of authors represented by the CMO.

It is specially designed to identify works and authors that are often complex to be related due to differences in writing, acronyms, additional information, accentuation, etc.

Since it is a module integrated in AVSYS, it allows to simplify and significantly automatize the management of distribution of royalties 

Main Features:


  • Multiple Playlist, TV-CABLE, OTTs, VODs, SATELLITE, etc.

  • Multiple local and external codes

  • Hash function identification

  • Match rate identification

  • Season and episode distinction

  • Duplicate detection

  • Multiple contributions(Direction, Screenwriter and Producer)

  • Integration with distribution module


Processable Data:

  • Platform

  • Original Title

  • Alternative Titles

  • Broadcasting Date and Time

  • Season and episode number

  • Year of production

  • Work code

  • Authors

  • Actors

  • Nationality

  • Synopsis



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