Audiovisual Authors
International Confederation

AVACI has as its main objective to protect and cooperate with the defense of the author (Audiovisual and Screenwriters)’s right worldwide through their regional and continental alliances.

The technical and financial help plans for the new emerging societies have allowed the Authors to organize their territories and have, also, gotten the recognition of their countries for fighting for their rights through laws and regulations which protect them. This way, these plans helped local management societies to create themselves and to start working.


Apart from acting globally, AVACI has as its objective to cooperate with International Alliances which protect the author’s right in their territories, not only from a technical and financial point of view, but also through an international support that allows the global representation of audiovisual authors and their repertoires so that their remuneration right be passed as a Law and be used by their gubernamental representants.  


In the societies of AVACI,many of which were born in, and operate in, countries which integrate the Regional and Continental Alliances, we understand this issue the group of professionals like Screenwriters and Directors, as audiovisual Authors, have to face when they decide to create a society aimed to fight for the application of their rights.


This issue frequently implies the amendment of Laws to get the recognition of the right of remuneration. To make this happen in a faster and more efficient way, it is necessary to have technical, legal and financial help in order to develop the initial management of the legal and accountable basis of the society, its administration, an authors’ association and the declaration of works for the local audiovisual screenwriters and directors with the objective of getting the most possible representativeness.


At AVACI, we strongly believe that cooperating with an emerging society with the technical and financial support, the “know how” and the “computing systems and its tools” will make - like we already demonstrated before - these new societies can develop themselves in a faster and stronger way from the beginning.

The audiovisual authors at AVACI’ objectives are also clear


Generating, through the debate of ideas, dialogue and agreement, a unified voice to spread a solid global message about the importance of the defense of the author’s right and the right of a fair remuneration for the exhibition of their works for the Audiovisual Screenwriters and the Directors worldwide.


It corresponds to the authors to foster the creation of Societies of Audiovisual Screenwriters and Directors worldwide for the defense, legal recognition and effective validity of the moral and patrimonial rights about the cinematographic and/or audiovisual works.


Defending the right of the Screenwriters and the Directors of getting a financial compensation for the public communication and/or secondary exploitation of the audiovisual work as an intransferable and unalienable right of the screenwriters and the Audiovisual Director.


Supporting and assisting in the development and consolidation of societies that are members of the AVACI, creating different types of activities aimed to intensify the solidarity among the member Societies and to favor the cooperation and the friendly relations between the Societies.


Both treating and studying the problems that are directly related to the moral, material and professional interests of the Audiovisual Screenwriters and Directors and guaranteeing all the other functions and actions that contribute to the development of the member Societies of the AVACI.