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As you may know, AVACI - Audiovisual Authors International Confederation, is a global civil nongovernmental and nonprofit organization, created and conducted by its audiovisual authors - Screenwriters and Directors - with the main objective of collaborating and mutually helping each other.

It is also our objective to collaborate, with the effective technical and financial help, in the creation and development of new societies of audiovisual authors and societies of collective management, as to get wide promotion, defense and protection of the author’s right worldwide.

We, who integrate the AVACI, are audiovisual authors and most of us have once been in your place, wondering and wishing to do something in favor of the recognition of these rights in our countries without knowing how to start.

Here we are your colleges worldwide, the five international alliances that make up the AVICI - from continents and regions like Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe and Latin America, meeting to offer you our help with the objective of making the path to get your rights not become something impossible. 

We hope that all the material gotten here helps you and that you contact us to be part of this amazing group and to become a member of our global community of audiovisual authors.

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