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Considering the technical help to the member societies is one of the main activities of this International Confederation, we constantly answer the technical questions about the legal aspects of creating authors’ societies and collective management societies, in every region of the world.


It is, also, our most sincere and warm intention to invite all those CMOs that have worked for years, to participate in this initiative as members of it and to take part, with their authors and technical teams, in all this new construction which means an Audiovisual International Confederation.


Only this way, we will be able not only to raise the technical and professional standards of all our societies but also to spread the unified voice of the audiovisual authors to every place of the world and to raise their flag for the defense of their rights and their fair remuneration and recognition in a global way.

Although this Confederation is still in its initial stage of creation, it must be taken into account that many of the authors and technical staff who work for this project, have developed activities in favor of the author’s right  and in favor of the creation of new audiovisual societies for decades now and, honestly, many of the lawyers of the participating societies specialize in the author’s right with an experience of more than thirty years.

​Here is when it becomes important to highlight again that the AVACI is a project created for Audiovisual Authors to provide them with information and sources and, also, that it is about a non-profit and non-gubernamental organization, which has the best professionals to be successful in all its achievements.  



Although we are going through a difficult global situation due to the pandemic of the virus SARS COV2 - COVID-19, the activities generated by the group of authors for  the creation of the AVACI have not stopped.

In effect, we have not only launched this historical initiative of creating our own audiovisual authors confederation, which means a huge work for including societies of authors from the five continents, with nine languages, but also the intense work started by the FESAAL has not stopped, providing, this way, technical and financial help to all the emerging societies in Latin America, Eurasia, Asia and Africa. 

Soon, the first International Congress of Audiovisual Authors of the AVACI will take place and it will have simultaneous translations in six languages. There, all the elected authorities of the Executive Council will be introduced, screenwriters authors and audiovisual directors representing the five continents and the AVSYS Operating System 5.0 & Tools will also be introduced.


The action plans for the next period generated by the five international alliances will be introduced, emphasizing the necessary help for the societies of every region.

There, the annual calendar of activities and webinars will be approved and the date for the second International Congress of Audiovisual Authors will be set. It is supposed to be held in Seoul, South Korea, if the pandemic situation allows it, in April, 2022, in person, and in the same way all the authors' congresses were held during the last ten years.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about all our activities and about the dates on which they will be carried out.

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