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Korean Audiovisual Directors call to the International Congress - AVACI 2022

The highly recognized and awarded screenwriters and directors Bong Joon-Ho and Park Chan-wook, presented a video where they invite audiovisual authors from around the world to take part in the AVACI Annual Congress that will be conducted in South Korea this year.

Bong-Joon-Ho_Image By Paolo Verzone / Park Chan-Wook_ Imagen By Victoria Willinvisionap

From DGK – Directors Guild of Korea – (, produced jointly with AVACI (, the Presentation Video – Invitation to the Annual Congress of the International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors that will be held this year in the city of Seoul in May 17, 18 and 19, was released.

During these days, a very extensive agenda with the topics that concern audiovisual authors, screenwriters and directors will be developed, not only concerning the broad field of their rights of authors but also concerning the different issues related to the their everyday professional development.

With a large number of audiovisual authors, screenwriters and directors invited and already confirmed that will get there for this opportunity from the five continents, this will be, by all means, the most important face-to-face meeting of the last few years.

Attendants, apart from the visits to the Korean authorities in order to claim for the lack of audiovisual authors’ rights within this territory, will have a special agenda of social and cultural events, provided and coordinated by local creators, which will include visits to film studios and cultural centers linked to the audiovisual.


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