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FESAAL participated on the online conference “Creative Global Talks”

Represented by Silvana Jarmoluk Stroganova, General Coordinator for the Europe/Asia Region of FESAAL (Federation of Latin American Audiovisual Authors)

On Tuesday, June 16th. the online discussion “Creative Global Talks” took place, organized by EACOP – International Confederation of Rights Holders Societies, held via the Zoom platform, and programmed to coincide with the entry into force of the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Interpretations.

The talk was moderated by Irina Yakovleva, general sub secretary of EACOP, member of the Union of Russian Manufacturers and Businessmen Committee (RSPP) for Intellectual Property and Creative Industries.

The speakers in the event were the representatives of the main and most important intellectual property, authors ´rights and related rights organizations, cultural government entities, and local associations of Actors, Authors and Audiovisual producers.

EACOP is an international non government organization, which includes national leading societies which manage diverse categories of authors ‘rights and/or related rights in countries member of the Eurasia Economic Union, the Community of Independent States, BRICs and other countries.

In April 2018, EACOP became a member of the international organization “Assembly of Eurasian Peoples”, which constitutes a model of integration of a great Eurasian association on a public level, which gathers more than 2500 representatives of non profit organizations, companies and intellectual elites from 67 countries of the Eurasian continent.

EACOP: associated member of the International Confederation of Authors ‘and Composers ‘Societies (CISAC), holds the status of observant organization of the World Organization of Intellectual Property (OMPI).


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