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APASER is named collective management society

APASER, the Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Directors created in 2017, was recently appointed as an authorized management society for the administration and distribution of authors rights of Screenwriters and Audiovisual Directors. This enables the Alliance, which represents the interests of the Audiovisual Authors of the African continent, to collect money for the national and international dissemination of the repertoire produced and declared by its partners, and to distribute it among them. The appointment comes in the context of the creation of a regional AVACI office in the APASER offices in Madagascar.

Last month, authorities from the alliance chaired by Laza Razanajatovo traveled to the DAC offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for intensive training in the AVSYS operating system and in everything related to the operation of authors rights collective management society. During the AVACI congress held in Korea in May, the signing of a representation agreement between APASER and Redes Colombia was announced, in another example of mutual support and collaboration between the pan-African alliance and Latin American societies.

The consolidation of APASER as a collective management entity for the authors’ rights of African Directors and Screenwriters is today a fact thanks to the support of FESAAL -Federation of Societies of Latin American Audiovisual Authors- and AVACI -International Confederation of Audiovisual Authors-, in a global understanding of support and cooperation between the countries that participate in this international initiative to help Audiovisual Authors to achieve the full validity of remuneration rights for the public exhibition of their works.

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